Alexander Biggs 2017 by Ash Koek

Alexander Biggs

Melbourne creative Alexander Biggs has a clear vision for his new music; emotionally tuned, melodically captivating, and philosophically grounded.

The EP begins on the swift rolling rhythm of ‘I’ll Go My Way’ which finds resolve in ridding life of toxic people. What follows is the tender ‘Now I’ll Leave You Here’, an all-too-human look at second guessing yourself.
After the resolutely optimistic strums of ‘Figure It Out’ comes ‘It’s’, the EPs brightest, most positive track. Set to dreamy, unhurried guitars, the track, in contrast to ‘I’ll Go My Way’, is about discovering everything you like about someone. “It’s in the title,” the artist explains. “‘It is’ those things you really like about someone.”
Like ‘Figure It Out’, ‘New York’ sees Alexander making the most of a dark situation. The track was written about wanting to leave a “shit job mopping floors”, for somewhere new. Though the track came out of anger and frustration, he soon began to realise that “everything passes. We’ll all die one day, and that’s not an awful thing. It’s about not being attached to the shitty things in life that keep us down.”
Final track ‘Gone Again’ is one of Alexander’s oldest, penned in 2013 when he was first discovering folk music. Closing the book on a damaging relationship, the warm piano and heartfelt melody provide an intimate, stirring conclusion to the emotional EP.
Alexander discovered early on that music flowed through his blood. Now, years later, he is ready to take his next steps and share his new project with the world. “I’m scared and excited,” he admits, “because I write music for myself, but once it’s released, it’s out in the world.”
“So I also write for others to hear, to know it’s alright, to know they’re not alone.”

Still You Sharpen Your Teeth is out now via Sony Music Australia.


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