Flip Grater

Paris-based New Zealand singer-songwriter Flip Grater has a penchant for sharing. Apart from memoirs and recipes, she pens highly personal, nostalgic and at times melancholic indie-folk songs.

Her new album, PIGALLE pays homage to her inspirations and influences from both France and New Zealand, while maintaining her uniquely intimate sensibility.

A departure from her 3 previous acoustic albums, PIGALLE reveals Grater’s grittier side. Written in Paris and recorded at Studio Pigalle, her French band includes trumpet, electric guitars, piano and chamberlain by French artist Babx and vocal backing from Poni Hoax’s Nicolas Ker.

The past decade has seen Flip Grater release 1 E.P, three critically acclaimed albums (2006’s Cage For A Song, 2008’s Be All And End All, and 2010’s While I’m Awake, I’m At War) and two published books. Her national and international touring history is extensive and prolific.

2010’s While I’m Awake I’m At War was a finalist for Folk Album Of The Year at the Vodafone NZ Music Awards and was released in 7 countries, garnered critical acclaim and earned Flip a strong underground following in Germany, France and Portugal. The first single from the album Careful has become a popular song for film and TV, being included in the 2012 romantic comedy Admission, several NZ TV series and the NZ TVC campaign for Q Card, and was included in a cover compilation for German Rolling Stone Magazine.

Flip Grater is carving out a niche in the international indie-folk world…and rightly so. Be sure to make yourself familiar.


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