Grayson Gilmour

Grayson Gilmour has been channeling his existential musings into song since the early Y2Ks. He leads a threefold life as solo artist, film composer & So So Modern synth-dude, attempting to balance an introverted, extroverted, contemplative, hedonistic & ecstatic type of musical schizophrenia… or just his general over-enthusiasm.

It’s been a steady evolution, starting at 16 with his first solo CD-Rs, to forming SO SO MODERN at 20, to scoring his first feature film at 26.

His solo releases caught the welcoming ears of critics over the years, and eventually the attention of Flying Nun Records, who released ‘No Constellation’. In his recent move to the film world, Grayson received the award for ‘Best Score’ at the 2012 NZ Film Awards for ‘The Most Fun You Can Have Dying’, while his latest feature film score for ‘Shopping’ premiered at Sundance and Berlinale festivals in 2013.

Released in March 2014, Infinite Life! is the fifth offering from Grayson. Enveloping listeners in sultry layers of vocals, smooth strings and intricate off kilter rhythms, Infinite Life! combines warm pop songs with experimental beats, textures and weird loops.

Recent singles, ‘Lichtung’ + ‘Minus Times Infinity’ (the video for which was selected for the BBC Music Video Festival) give a hint of an album filled with both immediately catchy melodies along with odd sounds.

“He makes places and characters come to life, breaking down the facade of modern pop music and presenting a more realistic approach to song writing that completely exposes itself to the listener.” – Nick Fulton, Einstein Music Journal

“Who else writes tunes as achingly beautiful as these? Not many people around here, that’s for sure!” – Nick Bollinger, The Listener

“Grayson Gilmour is almost the perfect combination of musician and writer/inventor and appropriator. Should be huge.” –Adrian Osman, Real Groove


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