Friday 20th Sept Press Shot

Hayley Mary

Hayley Mary; a wee pocket rocket with the voice of a giant angel. A bona fide persona with no shortage of past achievements, but they are not why we are here. Superstars live in the future.

She and her partner, Johnny, relocated to the Scottish capital in 2018 to live “the simple life” and explore the countryside of Hayley’s motherland. “I got very in touch with my heritage living there and feel like I grew into myself a lot.” However, it was a year earlier in Melbourne that the initial spark for the solo record burst forth. “I came home after a bad day and told Johnny I was going to give up songwriting for good. He picked up a guitar and started chasing me round the house, yelling ‘write a song to this!’ The lyrics that came out were a sign that giving up was not an option, ‘because I’m a brat and I want more.’”

Hayley is able to fuse Americana, Australiana and punk songwriting with Motown inspired rhythms and soaring vocal style.

“I’d always wanted to make a record that sounded like a memory of your parents dancing in the kitchen but your parents are Cyndi Lauper and Roy Orbison” – Hayley Mary