Julia Deans

Julia Deans

From honey-sweet falsetto to menacing growl, the voice of Julia Deans has offered light and shade to a variety of musical endeavours over the years.

From fronting Fur Patrol’s muscular pop-rock to her electro-pop stylings with Tiki Taane; from co-conspirator with renowned supergroup The Adults to sultry chanteuse with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra; Deans has never shied from adding new strings to her bow.

After slipping off her shoes as the charismatic front woman for Fur Patrol, Julia has left her Melbourne home of ten years and returned to NZ to step effortlessly into the role of solo artist – delivering some of her most exquisite songs yet in the beautiful debut album “Modern Fables”.

Her new single comes after a seven year wait between releases, and showcases Deans’ celestial vocal harmonies against appropriately warm orchestral production recorded by the artist in her home studio.

‘Walking in the Sun’ is the first release from upcoming sophomore album “We Light Fire”.


Julia Deans releases new single Walking in the Sun

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