Laura Lee Lovely

Dreamy and atmospheric with striking multi-layered vocals, ‘Hot Blood’ is the lead single from Laura Lee Lovely’s upcoming debut solo EP “Eden”. A strong bass groove underpins the electro-pop tune, grounding the textured synths and wistful lyrics for a polished, neon-tinged sound.

Formerly the vocalist of Christchurch band O’LOVELY, Laura has stepped out on her own, working on developing her own distinct sound while based in the UK over the last few years. Having now returned home and collaborating with multi-instrumentalist and producer Simon Brouwer, Laura is brimming with ideas and a fresh vision for her expressive brand of pop music.

Recording the EP with Brouwer in their garage studio and vocals in Laura’s bedroom with a DIY set-up in Christchurch, a range of vintage and modern synths, samplers, and synthesized drums have been utilised to stunning effect to create a dynamic synth-pop vibe.

“Eden” is out now.