Somewhere in the bowels of a suburban block of shops, a genius pulls strings and twists knobs, creating musical masterpieces with effortless ease. He could be the center of the universe, judging by the intergalactic wash coming out of the synthesizers, but if asked he would probably rather situate himself somewhere more peripheral, as long as he retained absolute freedom to create as he pleases.

This is Jol Mulholland, musical inventor supreme and innovator foremost. After recording an album of staggering beauty with his band Gasoline Cowboy, and releasing an album with his brothers as The Mots in 2009, Mulholland released his first solo album, titled “Eugene Told Me You Were Dead” in 2011.

Stop and Start Again is Mulholland’s second solo album and received a five-star review from the New Zealand Herald’s TimeOut magazine, with critic Lydia Jenkin calling him an “under-rated, soulful pop genius”.


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