Night Tales

When it comes to the sounds of everyday life, artists Kamaliza (Australian-born Kamaliza Salamba) and Third Floor (UK-born/Aussie citizen Aaron Bannie) have the sonic representation of human emotion and personal relationships down to a science. Most recently, they’ve joined forces for a brand new project called Night Tales. Uniquely emotive and resonant on a fundamental level, their music together embodies a calming sense of introversion and serenity within one’s own personal space.

Night Tales’ sound is marked by a determined focus on songwriting, chord progressions, and striking lyricism. There is a remarkable mix of their two individual styles, almost as if the best of both worlds met and worked together on something even more extraordinary than the quantifiable sum of their parts. “At the forefront of what we do is human emotion,” they write. “We’re inspired by everyday life, particularly personal relationships. People are at the core of what we do.”

Night Tales have released 3 tracks and have since racked up over 860,000 Streams on Spotify, 330,000 SoundCloud streams, 740,000 youtube views, a slot on Martin Garrix’s personal Spotify playlist, #1 spot on Hype Machine’s popular chart, & spins on BBC Radio. Its safe to say Night Tales are fast on track to becoming one of the most exciting electronic duos in the country.