Plan 9

Wellington based composers Plan 9 (David Donaldson, Janet Roddick and Steve Roche) have scored music for an impressive array of film, television and theatrical and installation projects.

To date they have scored 18 feature films. Their most recent is What We Do In The Shadows by Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement released in June 2014. Before that was the stunning cinematic documentary Antarctica: A Year On Ice which played at the 2013 NZ Film Festival season which has gone on to win 12 awards at international festivals and is due for a release in the US in November 2014.

They have worked on most of Peter Jackson’s films beginning with the score for Forgotten Silver. For The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey they composed, along with David Long, the music for the song Misty Mountains that is sung by the dwarves in the film. Their melody was then used throughout Howard Shore’s score as a major theme and also developed into the credits song by Neil Finn. They wrote music and created musical sound design for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong (also with David Long).

They have three times won Best Feature Film Score at the NZ Film & Television Awards for Predicament, Saving Grace and Jack Brown Genius, as well as being finalists for Jubilee and Perfect Strangers (film), Forgotten Silver (tv) and Earthquake (tv).

They’ve just completed a Japanese/French/Discovery co-pro 6 x 1 hour documentary series called Life Force II. Earlier this year they were commissioned by Radio NZ to create new themes for the flagship news shows Morning Report and Checkpoint. Other projects include Paul Murphy’s features Second Hand Wedding and Love Birds, TV series Orangutan Island for Animal Planet and I Survived… now up to episode 113 for A&ETV/Bio Chann