The Drones

“Feelin Kinda Free” is the seventh album from one of Australia’s most revered artists The Drones.

“Feelin Kinda Free” is a bad trip you can dance to. It’s a punch in the brain summed up by the first line of the album’s opener Private Execution: “The best songs are like bad dreams”.

It is not like other music. It is not your stock jock “modern” retro rehash, rather an avant avalanche of everything coming back to haunt you.

It has been described by Australia’s premier Right wing tabloid superstar and Richard Wagner fanboy Andrew Bolt as “stamping on the ashes of the West’s musical traditions”. Lyrically it steers clear of the same old tropes peddled by anything you’ll hear anywhere today.

Recorded at Tropical F*ck Storm Studios in Melbourne Australia, with Aaron Cupples, who also sat behind the desk to recorded 2006’s LP Gala Mill. Feelin Kinda Free is the first album in over a decade to feature original Drones drummer Christian Strybosch. He is joined by long time members Gareth Liddiard, Fiona Kitschin, Dan Luscombe and Steve Hesketh.


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The Drones release seventh album Feelin Kinda Free

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