Tia Gostelow 2018

Tia Gostelow

Tia Gostelow wrote “State Of Art” in 2015 and was only 16 years old. Only two years have passed and before the age of 19, she’s already achieved what would make most musicians green with envy.

Among only her recent highlights include launching her own independent record label “Lovely Records”, signing with Anti Fragile records outside Australia and New Zealand, landed a world wide publishing deal with Native Tongue Music Publishing and had her last four singles added to rotation on Triple J, been nominated for a handful of Queensland Music Awards, toured as support for The Rubens and is putting the finishing touches on her debut album with producer Konstantin Kersting (The Belligerents).

Never one to lie down when there’s work to be done, or songs to be sung, she’s just announced the release of her new single “Strangers” featuring none other than Melbourne songwriter and producer LANKS. Taken from her forthcoming album, due out in early 2019, the new single brings some new elements into the fold brought to the forefront with LANKS soulful input.

“I’m so so excited for it to be out in the world and I’m so excited my lovely friend Will (LANKS) features on it.” – Tia Gostelow

Incepted while at a central coast songwriting camp, Tia Gostelow was paired with Will Cuming and Lionel Towers as she explains, “I had been wanting to write a love song for a little while because it’s not something I had written about before and I knew that Will had a beautiful way of writing about it without coming across as cheesy. So we just started with a beat and kept going and it felt like the most natural songwriting session I had ever done and it is probably the most excited I’ve ever been about a song.”


Tia Gostelow nominated for Queensland Music Awards

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