Aaron D’arcy

Aaron D’Arcy has been composing music since the day his musician father eagerly thrust a guitar into his hands at the age of seven. Fast-forward to today and Aaron has added keyboards, drums, harmonica, mandolin, bass, banjo and a clutch of instruments with strange sounds and even stranger names.

This multi instrumentalism and a professional qualification in sound engineering/music programming has led Aaron D’Arcy to become one of Australia’s most innovative composers for documentaries and television.

Aaron’s long list of credentials include composing the soundtrack for the series ‘Lonely Planet: Roads Less Travelled’. The series was shot in thirteen countries and required a soundtrack of incredible diversity for each location Ethiopian, Spanish, Cambodian, Israeli and Kazakhstani to name but a few. Aaron also co-composed the theme tune for the show broadcast by National Geographic Channel and distributed globally by BBC Worldwide.

Aaron also composed the soundtrack to the successful National Geographic series “Graham’s World” and the Discovery Channel hit series “Six Degrees”. Both shows requiring a broad palate of music that ranged from German industrial hip hop to Senegalese Afro Jazz. His compositional diversity includes scoring family series, Squeak and Boo for Super Duper Studio and The Listies’ Art Blast for the ABC.

Aarons sound engineering credentials are just as impressive having slid the faders for Little River Band, Peter Cupples and dozens of Melbourne bands. And what does Aaron D’Arcy like to do when he’s not composing? Play in his own rock band Speed Orange of course!

“You can tell D’Arcy you need a Croatian folk song or a hardcore techno groove, it doesn’t matter, if he doesn’t know it he’ll research it, record it, and spit you out three versions.”
Tony Jackson, Executive Producer – Lonely Planet Television

“Aaron is a great composer but he’s also quick, which can be a godsend on a tight turnaround”
Rob Peile – Executive Producer – Australian Fishing Championships.



Art Blast – TV Series (2021)
Squeak and Boo – TV Series (2013)
The Rapha Continental: Sapa – Video Short (2012)
Lonely Planet – Roads Less Travelled (TV Documentary Series) (2009)
Saw – Short (2003)

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