Bang Bang Eche

Most teenagers in an unsigned band never get to do a fraction of what Bang Bang Eche have done, with just an EP and combustible live show. Coming from a town so remote that tours of Antarctica leave from it, these Kiwi teens have gladly spent most of their career away from home.

Bang Bang Eche’s unrelenting ambition is most evident in a live show that has decimated parties in underground bunkers, warehouses and outdoor festivals around the globe.

Frontman Zach Doney is the catalyst for their brilliant live show, launching his small body over obstacles and crowds. Behind the rapid delivery and havoc-wrecking gesticulation of the lead vocalist is the group mastermind; bassist T’Nealle Worsley. A living lesson in efficiency, an acclaimed “blogguer” and subtle fashionista, T’Nealle’s artistic genius has lead the NZ press to dub her “the nation’s answer to Karen O.” Guitarist Charlie Ryder has the gifted grace of a five-fingered hummingbird (often swapping instruments mid-song) and the constant four-over-four that fuels the band is driven by former radio personality James Sullivan, who randomly finds himself disrobed halfway through a set yet never remembers how it happened.


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