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An Australian and a Kiwi walk into a bar….in Nashville…and BARCADERO was born. With a spirit of fun and celebration of life, Barcadero’s songs capture moments and good times, and aim to elevate the listener from “the 9-to-5” to “feeling alive.”

The two piece, formed in Nashville, Tennessee, were brought up surfing and swimming on the sunny beaches of Australia and New Zealand. Whilst spending their time separately making and producing music, Barcadero members Geoff Duncan and Luke O’Dea came together with an idea to make something inspired by this lifestyle.

Surrounded by electric guitars, synthesizers and inspired by beats from the 90’s, they very naturally started making these summer infused pop tunes. It was like they were taken right back to the Australasian coast, standing there in their Nashville basement!

Barcadero have just finished their first EP titled “Turn It Up It’s Barcadero!” consisting of 4 songs to celebrate life, have fun and get you moving. If hearing a Barcadero song doesn’t make you at least nod your head… well let’s just say you probably need to turn it up more!


Barcadero sign to Native Tongue

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