Hailing from the Western-Sydney town of Penrith, R&B crooner Kamaliza John Salamba has come a long way since recording cover songs into his PC as a child. Establishing himself as a self-taught musician with an accredited skillset of writing, producing, mixing and singing, Kamaliza highlights an original style that stands out in a sea of mainstream sound. Stemming from UKG influences, the music maven synthesizes elements from Electronic, R&B, and Soul to create a genre of his own.

With his roots firmly placed in R&B, Kamaliza merges a multiple of genres that ensure his sonics stay fresh and exciting. Listening in, you’ll find a range of influences from African folk, trap, house and UKG to create a sound unique to him. Choosing to keep his Australian accent, he fills a void missing within the RNB scene domestically; RNB music that does not compromise on authenticity. Through music, Kamaliza is able to express himself and the environment and community around him. Topics include generational poverty, sexual equality, philosophy & of course, love.