Kath Bee

Children never forget a well-written song and Kath Bee has many.

Since 2002, Kiwi kids have been singing her songs, ‘Individuality’, ‘Dad I Wanna Be A Camel’, ‘Seasons’, ‘Dragons Under My Bed’ and many more. They stand the test of time and continue to be extremely popular today.

Kath is a three-time APRA Children’s Video of the Year Award winner, with ‘Individuality’ in 2010, ‘Dragons Under My Bed’ in 2014 and ‘Sprinkle A Little Sunshine’ with Suzy Cato in 2019. She is also the 2020 APRA NZ Children’s Song of the Year winner, with ‘I Love Life’.

Over the past 13 years, Kath has produced 6 albums and multiple singles and is also a published author. She has toured NZ extensively, performing at ECCs, schools, libraries, Festivals, Teddy Bears’ Picnics, birthday parties and other interesting and odd places! At present Kath is working on her 7th album, due out in 2021, born from ideas given to her by children, during Lockdown Levels 3 & 4 and says it’s shaping up to be a ‘mature’ album for the whole family.

Kath has a very real, genuine way with kids, both live and on her recordings. Writing songs is her passion and she has a knack for crafting intelligent, thoughtful songs that resonate with children of all ages. Her clever lyrics reel children in and latch on to their imagination, while her melodies stick in a child’s (and an adult’s!) head for not just days, but years! Kath even has some adult fans, who don’t have children!


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