Kid Radio

DYLAN SMITH is your narrator. Sharing through song, how sound shapes life through time, like a monsoon to a pebble. Having it’s way with the world from the past to beyond the future – like it has done to you.

Following the success of Far East, which achieved over 2 million of spins across hundreds of YouTube videos, Kid Radio are excited to announce their debut album with the release of their latest single ‘Young Heart’.

The experience is built on the beats, chords and hooks of MARCUS ROSS and CHAD BLASTER, manipulating each note to coerce you along the journey. And now – KID RADIO begins.

You’re travelling with your own sounds, pulling people in on your KID RADIO journey, and as we continue, you realise you joined for the familiarity of The XX, SBTRKT, Disclosure, The Presets and Miike Snow, but stayed for something different – the deep, soulful vocals of your narrator throws a unique flavour into the KID RADIO revolution, jutting through noise to make time for sound.

KID RADIO is your story, told through heavy beats, catchy chorus cries, exceptional production quality and a fresh team with years of stage experience. It’s a glimpse into the future by reflecting the past to show the world what Australian storytellers are becoming – a movement.

Expect visual shows as stunning as the musical talent, video content that tells a story through film, and a digital presence that connects the people through a common but individual journey through time and sound.


Kid Radio release debut album

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