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Marc Hunter

Marc Hunter was born in New Zealand. A charismatic singer-songwriter, Marc was the legendary lead singer of the highly successful multi selling rock band Dragon.

An award winning accomplished songwriter, Marc had a successful solo career and was involved in other projects including acting and theatre productions.

Marc wrote, produced and voiced a massive number of unforgettable top charting hits during his career, including the much loved ‘April Sun In Cuba’ – this anthemic 1977 song is considered one the most iconic songs ever written in Australian rock history.

Marc was the epitome of a rock star, handsome, intelligent, full of wit and an unmatched talent on stage. During his stellar career, Marc recorded and wrote over 165 songs.

Marc’s mesmerising talent and vocals have left their stamp on the Australian and New Zealand audiences.

Marc Hunter’s songs remain relevant today and hugely popular, endorsing his unrivalled brilliance as both writer and performer.


Native Tongue welcomes Marc Hunter‘s catalogue

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