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Natalie Slade

Natalie Slade is a neo-soul powerhouse, whose album CONTROL is her debut as a solo artist. Produced by Hiatus Kaiyote keyboardist, Simon Mavin, the record is overflowing with complex, earthy sounds that grow richer on each listen. The album showcases her skills as a singer-songwriter; the emotional depth of her lyrics are carried weightlessly by her buttery tones and fearless pop melodies.

A prolific collaborator, Slade is well-respected within jazz, soul and Hip hop scenes for her recognisable and innovative musicianship. She has collaborated with artists such as Katalyst (Space Invadas), Steve Spacek and Plutonic Lab, featuring on their 2018/2019 releases which have received high praises from around the world.


Natalie Slade Releases Debut Album

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