New Empire

Maybe it’s the thunder of the ocean accompanying a guitar that influences their bolstering sounds the most. Or maybe it was a band mate’s youth, tied up in forced-turned-flourishing piano playing, that aids the most in his band’s rich, haunting melodies. Or perhaps it was the years of friendship, offering an authenticity of lyrical honesty, that resonates so much with each and every listener.

Or maybe it’s because growing up in Australia gifted them with seemingly endless summers to ignite and inspire collaborative music playing. Whatever their influences, New Empire (comprised of Kale Kneale, Jeremy Fowler, Nathan Cairns, and Kyle Lane) has mastered the ability to create music as refreshing as their beach-bred roots.

It’s that talent, matched with their Down Under upbringing, that provided them a multitude of opportunities to play with established acts such as Owl City, Switchfoot, Neon Trees, and Reliant K (to name a few). With exposure and growing popularity, the band plunged into success; from being added to the bill at numerous festivals, to their native country picking one of their songs to act as the theme for Australia’s Summer Olympics, it was obvious that listeners everywhere couldn’t get enough of their sound. Now, with their debut album on Tooth & Nail Records on the horizon, they’re ready to propel themselves further and farther as artists driven to use their talents to motivate the masses.

The band’s new album In A Breath walks through relatable themes of loss, authenticity, regret, and honesty. Instrumentally, they wanted to produce a record that listeners can get lost in and explore. New Empire’s sound introduces refreshing and complex tunes that truly envelope and awe. The name in and of itself mirrors their sound; New Empire is fresh and overpowering.

The musicians that create New Empire are multi-faceted. Their talent, drive, and spirit bleed into their album in a way that, in a breath, makes you feel nostalgic and imaginative.

So, maybe it was the thunderous ocean. Maybe it was the Australian summers or the early sprouted friendships. Maybe it was a welding together of it all that inspired them the most. Regardless of the maybes, one thing is for certain. A new sound has been built: it’s New Empire.


New Empire signs to Native Tongue

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