Olympic Ayres

Olympic Ayres are Kamaliza Salamba and Nathan Mifsud, a genre-spanning producer / DJ duo who encapsulate the feeling of youth within every song, promising to take you on a blissful ride through the summer airwaves.

Kamaliza and Nathan began the Olympic Ayres journey back in 2011; building songs that incorporated guitar, bass and synthesizers and defied the environment they were borne from (their bedroom). Making the decision to release in Episodes (3 tracks per release) added chapters to the pair’s story, and meant the duo could take time to refine their sound and develop their song writing skills.

Olympic Ayres soon delivered Episode I, which quickly gained attention from producers, DJ’s and fans alike, leading to collaborations with Dann Hume (Sures, Gossling, Alpine) as well as young producer guru Jean-Paul Fung (Last Dinosaurs, Theophilus London) to create beautiful, disco tinged songs that were to become Episodes II & III.

“Magic” the lead track on Episode III, received rave reviews from local & international tastemakers, such as Hilly Dilly, Acid Stag, Purple Sneakers and Triple J, firmly placing it as one of the songs of the summer. The track also caught the attention of world-renowned company EA Sports who featured it in the FIFA 2014 Soundtrack.

The 2014 EP ‘Leisureplex’ adds to the duos growing repertoire of music achievements.



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