Perfect Moment

Perfect Moment

Perfect Moment is the new incarnation of Alex Gow, (formerly Oh Mercy). It was conjured up by Gow in a Princes Hill terrace. A late-night, headphone affair. It then made it’s way up The Hume into the capable hands of Kim Moyes (The Presets). Moyes collaborated with Gow on the project and helped make Perfect Moment the unique individual it now is.

The single is accompanied by a music video, created by Gow and filmed in NYC just before COVID-19 forced the city into lockdown, and Gow back home to Melbourne.

“Life is a series of changes. After five Oh Mercy albums, I’m allowing myself a change too – I need to. For those of you that have invested in my music in some way – you deserve me at my best, or at least in its pursuit. Perfect Moment is the sound of me chasing it down. Always a few strides behind, but hey – that’s the way I like it best” Alexander Gow, 2020.

‘Time & Date NY’ is taken from a forthcoming EP, due out in July 2020.


Alex Gow announces new project Perfect Moment

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