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Philadelphia Grand Jury

Featuring the return of the original line up of Joel Beeson (MC Bad Genius), Simon Berckelman (Berkfinger), and Dan Williams (Dan W Sweat), a brand new single “Crashing & Burning pt II”, their long-awaited second album Summer Of Doom (Out October 2nd), and a whole swag of stories to tell – Philadelphia Grand Jury have announced their return to making music together after a rather extended break.

Philadelphia Grand Jury formed under a house in Sydney, Australia some-time around 2009. Simon ‘Berkfinger’ Berckelman had been listening to too much Snakefinger and Talking Heads and decided to sell his car to buy enough gear to record his friends MC Bad Genius and Dan ‘W.’ Sweat.

The next few years were a bit of a blur: they signed to Boomtown Records and their debut record Hope Is For Hopers sold way more copies than anyone expected and helped them play hundreds of shows and festivals across Australia, USA, U.K., Europe and even South Africa. Guitars were broken, Dan left to get ‘disco’ with Art Vs Science, drummers like Emergency Ivan, Calvin Welch, Dick Stick and Susie ‘Dreamboat’ Patten came and went. They were smashed on Australian and UK radio, scored syncs in too many movies and TV shows to mention and right on the cusp of releasing their second record, Bad Genius and Berkfinger had a major bustup and it was all over as quickly as it began.

After some fun surprise shows in 2013 and an intimate 2014 tour for the original faithful, the band flew with long-time friend and very legendary engineer/producer Tim Whitten to Berlin and punched out 10 days of writing and recording new material which would become their new album Summer Of Doom. Tim thought they were nuts and actually said so, but made it sound shit-hot nevertheless. The music that came from those 10 days continues the party they started in 2009 but reflects the fact that nothing ever stays the same. Most of the tracks were recorded live within 30 minutes of being written and there is no editing, no computer trickery. If Berkfinger couldn’t sing it perfectly in tune, then it stayed out of tune.


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