Plan 9

Plan 9


Wellington based composers Plan 9, David Donaldson, Janet Roddick and Steve Roche, have composed music for an impressive array of film, television and theatrical and installation projects since their first film score in 1995.

Their score for They Shall Not Grow Old was a nominee for the 2019 Critics Choice Documentary Awards. They have won Best Feature Film Score 3 times at the NZ Film & Television Awards for Predicament, Saving Grace and Jack Brown Genius. They were finalists at the 2015 APRA Series awards for Life Force as well as being NZ Film & Television Awards finalists for Jubilee & Perfect Strangers (film), Forgotten Silver (tv) and Earthquake (tv).

Plan 9 has scored 29 feature films. They Shall Not Grow Old, directed by Peter Jackson premiered in the UK on Armistice Day in 2018. Other films are Annie Goldson’s documentary Kim Dotcom: Caught In The Web (2017) and Kobi, a doco by Andrea Bosshard both opening at the NZ Film Festivals. Prior to that were The Great Maiden’s Blush (2016) and What We Do In The Shadows (2014) by Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement. The stunning feature documentary Antarctica: A Year On Ice which played the NZ Film Festival season and has gone on to win numerous awards at international festivals and is on release in the US.

In early 2020 Plan 9 created the score for The Tender Trap a film for Greenstone Pictures directed by Sima Urale. They also provided music for Go Further South – 12 hours of slow tv. In the past year Plan 9 has been music editor and consultant on Undertow the film and TV series. They scored Kerry Fox’s first short film Topping Out. In 2018 they scored 3 part series Volcanic New Zealand and in 2017 scored a 6 part series called Modern Dinosaurs for Discovery UK/NZ. In 2016 Plan 9 composed scores to 2 flagship Animal Planet tele features screening worldwide in 2017 – Living With Maneaters & Mysterious Wilds of India plus TVNZ’s Our Big Blue Backyard 2.

In 2014 they scored a Japanese/French/Discovery co-pro 6 x 1 hour documentary series called Life Force 2 (aka Mutant Planet 2) which won a Gold World Medal at the New York Festivals’ International TV & Film Awards. Earlier that year they were commissioned by Radio NZ to create new themes for both Morning Report and Checkpoint.

With David Long they co-wrote the dwarves song Misty Mountains for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012) and this theme was used by Howard Shore as part of the score and then reinterpreted by Neil Finn for the closing credits song. Also with David, they wrote music and created musical sound design for The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and King Kong and their music was used in The Lovely Bones.

Plan 9 have been providing music editorial services since the early days of the Lord of the Rings animatics for Peter Jackson. They’ve done music editing and temp score editing on numerous films and tv series for NZ and international projects.


The Tender Trap – Feature Film (2020)
Go Further South – Slow TV 12 hour (2020)
Topping Out – Short Film (2019)
Milk – ShortFilm (2019)
They Shall Not Grow Old – Documentary (2018)
Volcanic NZ – Documentary (2018)
Modern Dinosaurs – Documentary (2017)
Kim Dotcom: Caught In The Web – Documentary (2017)
The Great Maiden’s Blush – Feature Film (2016)
Life Force 2 – Documentary (2014)
What We Do In The Shadows – Feature Film (2014)
Antarctica: A Year On Ice – Documentary (2013)
Fresh Meat – Feature Film (2012)
Love Birds – Feature Film (2011)
Predicament- Feature Film (2010)
Lord of the Rings trilogy Cultural Music & musical sound design (with David Long)
Danny Deckchair – Feature Film (2003)
Perfect Strangers – Feature Film (2003)
Kombi Nation – Feature Film  (2003)
Jack Brown Genius – Feature (1996)
Forgotten Silver – Mockumentary film (1996)

For a full list of credits & more information, visit Plan 9’s website & IMBD.