Ragamuffin Children

The Ragamuffin Children like tea parties, living room concerts and singing about serious and sensible subjects such as war and poverty and also about whimsical things such as aliens and hot air balloon adventures.

Ragamuffin Children are established Christchurch musicians and are flourishing talent in New Zealand. They bring to the stage beautifully crafted songs that are performed with imagination and soul, and their unique rapport with the audience creates a cosy and intimate ambience.

Anita Clark (vocalist, fiddle, guitar) and Brooke Singer (keyboard, songwriter) formed the Christchurch duo in 2006. Brooke Singer is an accomplished songwriter and pianist, whose melodies have gained national recognition through winning LOOP recordings ‘Rise and Shine’ song writing competition. Anita’s soulful and sincere voice resonates with a pure and unique quality which, teamed with Brooke’s song writing and animated piano playing, produces a distinctly original sound.

‘It’s always refreshing to hear musicians sound as good live as they do on record. It gives me hope that there is real talent out there, and that it hasn’t been over-produced to hide any poor vocals or instrumentation. The Ragamuffin Children are The Real Deal – Anita Clark and Brooke Singer do not need to have overdub after overdub to show some semblance of skill, it’s already there in abundance..’

‘Brooke Singer is surely one of the country’s finest young songwriters, showing a flair for elegant melodies and an interesting way with words’


Ragamuffin Children Tour Announced

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