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Teeny Tiny Stevies

In 2015, sisters Byll and Beth from folk-pop band The Little Stevies started playing around writing children’s songs. Inspired originally by the need to teach Byll’s three-year-old about the challenges of toilet training, the side-hobby was so much fun and so effective, before they knew it, they’d written and recorded a full-length album.

Although playing and writing for kids was never a life-long dream, for two sisters whose parents were touring musicians when they were kids, it turns out Byll and Beth were naturals.

They’ve since been commissioned to write music for Sesame Street’s online channel in the US, signed a record deal with ABC Music, won both the ARIA Award and AIR Award for ‘Best Children’s Album’ in 2020, and signed a book deal with Harper Collins, releasing their first picture book in 2021.

Leading in their field, by creating contemporary and innovative children’s music and videos that are thought-provoking and progressive, Teeny Tiny Stevies appeal to a cross generational audience. It’s content written and produced to be enjoyed and appreciated by the whole family, each song with a useful purpose.

As the Teeny Tiny Stevies brand continues to gain traction nationally and internationally, the next generation of kids are learning the important stuff: that they’re the “boss of their own body” and that there’s really “no such thing as a boy or girl colour” amongst much more.


Native Tongue sign children’s music group Teeny Tiny Stevies

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