Surf Friends

The sea, the sand, reverberating guitars, bass, synth keyboard and looped samples, Surf Friends have it all.

The two-piece of Brad Coley (guitar, vocals, keys, harmonica, drum machine) and Pete Westmoreland (bass, keys, vocals) formed in 2009, with their distinct take on the best post-punk inspirations and surf psychedelia to match.

Drawing from the influences of Flying Nun bands such as The Clean, Surf Friends have also been compared to Joy Division and New Order. The immense energy from their live shows has been wonderfully captured on their 2010 album Confusion.

Their forthcoming album, Endorphins is the follow up to their 2010 debut and their first release on the iconic NZ label, Flying Nun.

Endorphins is filled with pop hooks, dreamy instrumentals and sonic haze and aptly reflects the ecstatic energy of sun, sand and sea and to quote the band: an ‘explosion of epicness’.