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Possessing the kind of voice that stops you in your tracks, WILSN makes classic soul music with a contemporary approach and a healthy dose of raw power.

Hailing from Geelong, WILSN moved to Melbourne out of high school after being accepted to study Jazz at Melbourne’s prestigious Victorian Collage of the Arts, spending her life looking up to classic soul and jazz singers like Billie Holiday, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald and Aretha Franklin.

She would pen songs that celebrated the rich history of soul, while injecting her own personality and attitude into each track. She quickly banked up a collection of songs she wasn’t sure there was space for in a musical landscape mostly made up of big pop hits and electronic beats at that time.

After spending two years in Nashville writing rooms with Grammy Award winning writers honing her craft, WILSN was asked to join The Teskey Brothers on their 2019 UK/Europe tour – playing to sold out crowds across the continent.

It was on this tour that WILSN reconnected with her love of soul – the music she always knew she wanted to make – and realised there was a huge audience for the music she had been making before her trip to Nashville. Moving back home to Melbourne, she picked up where she’d left off and during the lockdown of 2020 she began recording anew with producer Stephen Charles (Blessed, Bliss N Eso).


“There’s a lot of pop music that strives to be soulful but falls short… (WILSN) is one of the rare artists who actually gets it right.” – COMPLEX’S PIGEONS & PLANES


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